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Get yourself a computerized management platform that adapts to your vision and ways of doing things


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Get the most out of your professional ERP management solution

With several high-profile clients and over 8,000 workstations in action every day, CTRL's ERP solutions have a proven track record for the serious and professional manager.

Backed by a suite of highly customizable standard software and a team of experts in the deployment of solutions for specialized practice areas, CTRL's ERP solutions offer you the best of both worlds:

The power and flexibility of the custom solution at the price and with the reliability of standard software!


Our products and services

If you are looking for a team of experts and a computerized management platform that can generate productivity and growth for your organization: look no further!

CTRL is the developer of three specialized ERP management solutions dedicated to the professional services, construction and healthcare sectors.

Our team of solution deployment specialists can assist you at every stage of your project:

  • Analysis and mapping of your business processes
  • Configuration and integration of your processes into the ERP solution
  • Start-up and ongoing training of your team on the ERP solution
  • Drafting of procedure guides and operating standards following deployment

Following your initial deployment, our team of customer advisors will take over and guarantee rapid support for the use of CTRL software.

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